Jess & Scott | Anniversary Session in the Woods

First, let us just say that we love anniversary sessions! Like….LOVE! And here’s why…It’s hard to believe this on your wedding day when you are filled with more love and excitement than you’ve ever experienced before in your life, BUT it’s true that the love you have for your spouse will grow deeper as you grow older together. We’ve heard this from couples who’ve been married 1 year to 6o years, and we have found it to be true in our own marriage. Your love is worth capturing beyond your wedding day because your love grows and deepens beyond your wedding day.

If you’ve read Our Story, then you know that our first 6 months of marriage living in the UK was rough (to say the least.) Part of the challenge was that we didn’t have a community of people who were in a similar stage of life as we were in…newlyweds STRUGGLING to adjust to newlywed life…in a foreign country (thank God that it was at least an English speaking country!!!) When we moved back to Texas, one of our prayers was for God to provide us a community of newlywed friends. Within the first month of us living in Houston, God answered that prayer with….you guessed it…Scott and Jess! We met Scott and Jess at a Bible study, and Jess and Mallory immediately connected over something so deep and spiritual….well, kind of. Their first conversation was about wedding rings! (Don’t judge…they’re just so sparkly and pretty!) They soon realized that they had more in common than just an eye for pretty jewelry. Similar to us, Scott and Jess had a short journey to the altar. Scott and Jess met in a small group through their church, and got engaged after 2 months of dating and were married 6 months later. We dated for 4 months and were engaged for 4 months. So, it was a total of 8 months between “will you be my girlfriend?” and “I do” for both of us. When you know, you know! We were married in January of 2015 and Scott and Jess were married in April of 2015.

Scott, being a fellow creative in the field of videography, has been an incredible encouragement to us in our photography business. We’ve had the privilege of getting to shoot alongside he and Jess at a wedding, and we had such a blast that we are partnering with his company, Vast Whisper Productions, to meet the video needs of our Flat 18 Couples. When Scott isn’t behind a camera or in front of a computer screen editing, you can find him at the beach surfing. Jess is a middle school teacher at a private school, but when she’s not enriching the lives of her students, you can find her creating beautiful necklaces for her jewelry business, Estherly Design. Not only are her creations stunning, but each one is made with the hope that each necklace would serve as a reminder to the one wearing it that she is brave, confident, strong, and created for “such a time as this”.

Words cannot adequately express how much of a gift this friendship has been and continues to be in our lives! True story…a huge reason we moved to the Heights was to be closer to Scott and Jess! We live 2 blocks away, and love getting together for dinner and game nights. Our marriage and our faith have been greatly strengthened and impacted through our relationship with Scott and Jess.


P.S. Can we take a second to talk about this location?!?! I mean…those trees!! That sunlight!! This is a spot we’ve been wanting to check out for a while, and it did NOT disappoint!

P.S.S. You may not be able to tell, but half of these images were shot Canon and half were shot Nikon. We shoot Canon typically but decided to do a shoot out with the Nikon D750, along with a couple of Nikon and Sigma for Nikon lenses. This experiment came after reading an article about a husband and wife team who made the switch from Canon to Nikon. We may do a separate blog post in the future to go a little more in depth about our experience, but here are just a brief conclusion. Although there were some things we liked about the D750, like the screen that comes out and tilts, I don’t think we’ll be making the switch anytime soon. We can’t tell a significant enough difference in the end result to feel good about making that big of a change right now. However, we would love to try another shootout in a low lighting situation, like a dark wedding reception, which is where most Nikon users rave that Nikon shines above the rest. __________________________________________________

Jess & Scott,

Your love for one another is inspiring! Thank you for letting us capture it in pictures! We are so grateful for your friendship! Happy Anniversary! Here’s to many, many, many more years!


XO, Mal & Bry



Check out more of Jess’s beautiful necklace creations by clicking here!

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